Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Autobiography of a Mobile Phone

Hello, I am a mobile phone. I was made in a factory in China in a company named Nokia. My name is N85.

Somebody whose phone number is 1232464785 bought me at a shopping festival in dubai. I made a few freinds before i was sold. Some were from Sony Erricson, some from LG & Motorola. The buyer chose me because of my features.

I played songs, videos and games for my owner. He was happy owning me. He used to keep me neaar his heart in the upper pocket. Some people say i damage human hearts, even i do not know if it is true. And if it is - then i am sorry.

My Story ends when i was dropped i a bowl of soup in a marriage party. Engineers tried but coud not repair me. The soup too was not tasty. Anyways, now i play with children. They use me as fake mobile phone in their games. Thats my life. Good bye.


Akanksha Marwaha said...

hahaha. this is such a delightful story. i'm gonna definately share it with all my friends. this also helped me a lot with my hindi essay in school. thank you. for the enjoyable story with a twist of humor. :D

Avinash chavan said...

It is very interesting.